About the authors of this web site….

In 2006 a ‘Citizens’ Jury’ was held in Cardiff. [See reference below]

Detailed evidence on aspects of health and its maintenance and detailed evidence on aspirin, heart disease and cancer were presented and discussed with a representative group of members of the general public. Their judgements included:

  • The treatment of disease has been delegated to healthcare professionals, but the preservation of health and the prevention of disease is the responsibility of each individual person.

  • Information on the benefits and the risks of measures which reduce the risk of disease – whether lifestyle, drugs or whatever – should be made easily available to the public ‘….even before there is agreement amongst doctors’.

We have since felt a responsibility to make information on low-dose aspirin, and on healthy behaviours available to the general public and we have therefore prepared these two web sites.

‘HealthyLivingWales.co.uk’ and ‘AspirinTheFacts.co.uk’

Our aim in these two websites is to summarise published evidence from over 40 years of medical research on health and disease, evidence which will help people make informed choices about how they can preserve their health, avoid certain diseases and increase their disease-free survival.

We have received no financial support from any source, and no commercial company is involved in any way in this initiative

Peter Elwood DSc, MD, FRCP, Hon DSc.
Professor, Cochrane Institute of Primary Care and Public Health, Cardiff University, UK

Gareth Morgan DProf, MPH, FRSPH
Research Fellow, Cochrane Institute of Primary Care and Public Health, Cardiff University, UK